Tidligere forelesninger

Auberts minneforelesning har hatt gleden av å være vert for disse utmerkede sosiologer og akedemikere.

  • 2019 Andrew Abbott. "Facts and Values: A Processual View". See the video recording of the lecture.
  • 2018 Patricia Hill Collins. "Intersectionality, Unequal Citizenship & Political Solidarity". The podcast of the lecture is available here. 
  • 2017 Michèle Lamont. "Getting Respect: Responding to Stigma and Discrimination in the United States, Brazil, and Israel". The podcast of the lecture is available here.
  • 2015 Cass Sunstein. "Fifty Shades of Manipulation" and "Extremism and Free Speech"
  • 2015 Luc Boltanski. “Mysteries and conspiracies: detective stories, spy novels and the making of modern societies” and "On critique"
  • 2013 Craig Calhoun. "Human Suffering and Humanitarian Response" and "The Public Sphere and its Problems”
  • 2013 Jeffrey Alexander. "Struggling over the Mode of Incorporation: The Backlash against Multiculturalism in Europe"
  • 2011 Anthony Giddens. "The Future of Social Democracy"
  • 2010 Hans Joas. "The Axial Age Debate as Religious Discourse" and "Does Secularization Lead to Moral Decline? Some empirically based reflections"
  • 2009 Kathleen Thelen. "Inequality and social solidarity?"
  • 2007 Nilüfer Göle. Islam challenges social science: revisiting private-Public
  • 2006 Nancy Fraser. "Reframing justice in a globalizing world" and "Abnormal Justice"
  • 2005 Steven Lukes. "Questions about power: Lessons from the Louisiana Hurricane" and "Power and Domination"
  • 2004 Howard S. Becker. "How much is enough?" and "Careers"
  • 2003 Richard Swedberg. "To Die for Others: Civic Heroism and Auguste Rodin's "Burghers of Calais" (pdf) and "Conflicts of interest in the corporate scandals of 2001-2002"
  • 2002 Neil J. Smelser. "September 11 as Cultural Trauma in the United States" and "Interdisciplinarity in Theory and Practice"
  • 2000 Richard Sennett. "Changing Meaning of Class"
  • 1998 Helga Nowotny. "The Objectivity trap: On current changes between science and society" and "The Myths of the new: Coping with the dynamics of scientific and social innovation"
  • 1997 Jürgen Habermas. "Normative issues of multiculturalism" and "Beyond the nation state: Reflections on the issue of economic globalization"
  • 1996 Carole Pateman. "Feminist theory and the enlightenment" "Democratization and citizenship in the 1990`s: The legacy of T.H. Marshall" (pdf)
  • 1995 Pierre Bourdieu. "Physical space, social space and habitus"
  • 1994 Arlie Hochschild. "Time as an arena of struggle" and "Family, work and time as locus of symbolic interaction"
  • 1994 Robert A. Dahl. "A Democratic dilemma: System effectiveness versus citizen participation"
  • 1993 John H. Goldthorpe. "Current problems of comparative macro sociology"
  • 1992 Theda Skocpol. "Theories of the development of the welfare state"
  • 1991 Raymond Boudon. "Explaining ungrounded beliefs"
  • 1991 Robert K. Merton. "The origin of the word "scientist" 
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