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Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 31 Harriet Holters hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1096 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

Punishment and corrections, recidivism, policy-evaluations, comparative justice, criminal networks, family and employment, quantitative methods, social network analysis, causal analysis.

Courses taught

  • Andersen teaches KRS4105 as of the Fall of 2018.


Synøve N. Andersen holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Oslo (2017). She’s been employed at the Research Department at Statistics Norway from 2012, working on projects in the overlap of sociology, criminology, demography and economics. Andersen is interested in the ways in which public policy affects individual behavior, and in particular in the ways in which correctional policy and programming affect employment, family relations and recidivism. She also works on co-offending networks and is especially interested in the processes that precede co-offending and the effect of co-offending on subsequent criminal behavior.

Andersen is also a faculty affiliate at the Department of Criminology and Justice studies at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, where she teaches on Norwegian corrections and are co-instructor on an intensive course abroad about Scandinavian criminal justice.


  • April 2018 - : Secretary/Treasurer, Division of Experimental Criminology, The American Society of Criminology


Articles and book chapters

Andersen, Synøve N. (in press). Co-offending in Norway: An International Comparison. I S. Hufnagel & A. Moiseienko (Eds.) Criminal Networks and Law Enforcement: Global/International Perspectives on Illicit Enterprise. Routledge.

Andersen, Synøve N. & Hyatt, Jordan M. (in press). Randomized Experiments in Scandinavian Criminal Justice: Reviewing the Past and Looking to the Future. European Journal of Criminology (online first).

Andersen, Synøve N., Drange, Nina & Lappegård, Trude (2018). Can a Cash-for-Care Benefit Change Fertility Behaviour? Demographic Research, 38(33): 897-928.

Andersen, Synøve N. & Skardhamar, Torbjørn (2015). Pick a Number: Mapping Recidivism Measures and Their Consequences. Crime and Delinquency 63(5): 613-635.

Andersen, Synøve N. & Ringdal, Kristen (2012). Welfare Regimes and Personal Risks. I H. Ervasti, J. G. Andersen, T. Fridberg & K. Ringdal (redd.) The Future of The Welfare State: Social Policy Attitudes and Social Capital in Europe (ss. 17-45). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Harsløf, Ivan, Scarpa, Simone & Andersen, Synøve N. (2013). Changing Population Profiles and Social Risk Structures in the Nordic Countries. In I. Harsløf & R. Ulmestig (Eds.) Changing social risks and social policy adaptations in the Nordic welfare states. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.


Andersen, Synøve N. (2017). Revolving Doors? An Empirical Study of Recidivism in Norway. PhD avhandling, institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi. Oslo: Universitetet i Oslo.

Andersen, Synøve N. & Telle, Kjetil (2016). Electronic Monitoring and Recidivism: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Norway. Discussion paper 844. Oslo: Statistisk sentralbyrå.

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Andersen, Synøve N. & Skardhamar, Torbjørn (2014). Tilbakefall til gjentatt kriminalitet: Å måle gjentatt kriminalitet – hvem, hva og når?. Samfunnsspeilet : Tidsskrift om levekår og livsstil.  ISSN 0801-7603.  (3), s 24- 28

Duvander, Ann-Zofie, Lappegård, Trude, Andersen, Synøve N., Garðarsdóttir, Ólöf, Neyer, Gerda & Viklund, Ida (2018). Gender Equal Family Policy and Continued Childbearing in Iceland, Norway and Sweden. SPaDE Working Paper 2016:01. Stockholm: Stockholms Universititet.

Lappegård, Trude., Duvander, Ann-Zofie, Andersen, Synøve N., Garðarsdóttir, Ólöf, Neyer, Gerda & Viklund, Ida (2018). Nordic Family Policy and Union Dissolution. Stockholm Research Reports in Demography, 2018:4. Stockholm: Stockholms Universitet.

Andersen, Synøve N., Holtsmark, Bjart, & Mohn, Sigmund B. (2017). Kriminalitet blant innvandrere, norskfødte med innvandrerforeldre og øvrig befolkning. En analyse av registerdata for perioden 1992-2015. Rapporter 2017/36. Oslo: Statistisk sentralbyrå.

Andersen, Synøve N. & Mohn, Sigmund B. (2017). Innvandrere mindre overrepresentert blant siktede enn før. I T. Sandnes (red.) Innvandrere I Norge 2017, ss. 161-173. Statistiske Analyser 155. Oslo: Statistisk sentralbyrå.

Andersen, Synøve N. & Kornstad, Tom (2017). Botid og kriminalitet blant voksne innvandrere i Norge. Rapporter 2017/37. Oslo: Statistisk sentralbyrå.

  • Andersen, Synøve Nygaard (2019). Co-offending in Norway: A comparative perspective, In Saskia Hufnagel & Anton Moiseienko (ed.),  Criminal networks and law enforcement: Global international perspectives on illicit enterprise.  Routledge.  ISBN 978-0-8153-8600-1.  Chaper 2.  s 7 - 27
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  • Duvander, Ann-Zofie; Lappegård, Trude; Andersen, Synøve Nygaard; Gardarsdóttir, Ólöf; Neyer, Gerda & Viklund, Ida (2019). Parental leave policies and continued childbearing in Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Demographic Research.  ISSN 1435-9871.  40, s 1501- 1528 . doi: 10.4054/DEMRES.2019.40.51 Show summary
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  • Andersen, Synøve Nygaard (2019). Innvandrere begår sjeldnere kriminalitet sammen med andre: Gruppekriminalitet blant innvandrere og i resten av befolkningen. SSB analyse.  ISSN 2535-4817. Show summary
  • Andersen, Synøve Nygaard; Skardhamar, Torbjørn & Holmboe, Morten (2019). The effect of increased sentence length on recidivism and employment: A reform study of violent offenders sentenced to prison.
  • Hart, Rannveig Kaldager; Andersen, Synøve Nygaard & Drange, Nina Eirin (2019). Effects of Extended Paternity Leave on Union Stability and Fertility. SSB - Discussion papers.  ISSN 0809-733X.  (No. 899) Show summary
  • Tønnessen, Marianne & Andersen, Synøve Nygaard (2019). Bosettingskommune og integrering blant voksne flyktninger: Hvem bosettes hvor, og hva er sammenhengen mellom bosettingskommunens egenskaper og videre integreringsutfall?. Rapporter / Statistisk sentralbyrå. 2019/13. Show summary

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