Master Thesis in Peace and Conflict Studies

Chosing a Topic

You are responsible for finding a topic for your Master's thesis. Start thinking about this as soon as possible. For inspiration have a look at our academic staff and their research interests to look for possible supervisors, or look through the various research projects to see if some of them might inspire your own thesis. You can also have a look at more specific projects at the Science Shop.


Your supervisor is your scientific guide to writing a good Master's thesis. You will be given a supervisor from among our scientific staff that fits with your chosen topic. However, it is always a good idea to contact possible supervisors to have a chat about your thesis and possible supervision.

Field Work

Some of you might want to do fieldwork as part of your data collection. Here are some general resources if you are interested in doing fieldwork. Please discuss fieldwork and data collection with your supervisor.

Apply for Scholarships

There are opportunities for getting financial support to write your MA Thesis.

Writing Your Thesis

A MA Thesis is a scientific work and have to adhere to certain standards and requirements. It is your responsibility to make sure your thesis meets these requirements.



Your thesis will be assessed by one internal and one external examiner. You can read more about the assessment here:

Deferral of diploma to improve grades

If you want to defer your diploma, please apply here:


The Master Thesis course

Political Science Track


Previously submitted theses - political science

In DUO you can find previously submitted MA thesises at the department f Political Science