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Why choose Economics

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About the Department

The Department of Economics traces its history back to a research institute founded in the 1930's by Ragnar Frisch, the Nobel laureate. Since the early 1960's the department has been a part of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The department provides teaching and research across all main fields of economics. It is particularly strong in environmental economics, macroeconomics, behavioral economics, international economics, and labour economics. In all these areas, the department produces world-leading research. Over the last decades, the department's research has, along with economics world-wide, moved towards an increased use of empirical methods, although we still put a lot effort into developing sound and relevant economic theories.

Stimulating research environment and job opportunities

Candidates admitted to the PhD programme in economics will be part of a stimulating research environment with a strong permanent faculty committed to research as well as teaching. Leading international researchers visit the Department frequently to collaborate, and to give seminars as well as PhD courses. Candidates are also encouraged to spend time abroad during their PhD studies.

Completing a PhD at the Department of Economics will allow candidates to compete at the international academic job market. However, our candidates are also attractive in the labour market outside academia, and face exciting job opportunities in the public, as well as the private sector. 

Programme structure

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