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Thesis, adjudication and public defence - PhD

Thesis: rules and regulations

  • Form, length, language, introductory part
  • Co-authorship
  • Duration
  • Information on resources and library services

Submission of the thesis

  • What should I consider before submitting the thesis?
  • How do I submit the thesis?
  • What happens after the thesis is submitted?
  • Forms and templates for submission
  • Rejected thesis - new submission

Adjudication of the thesis

  • Who adjudicates?
  • How long does it takes?
  • When and where does the adjudication take place?
  • How to appeal

Trial lecture, public defence, and printing

Doctoral dinner and conferral of the PhD degree

  • Tips for eventual doctoral dinner
  • Conferral and doctoral diploma

Information for the chair of the defence and for the evaluation committee

  • Information for the chair of the defence
  • Information for the adjudication committee