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Submission of the thesis

What should I think about before submitting the thesis for adjudication?

Early in the programme

  • Familiarize yourself with the requirements laid down for a thesis
  • Familiarize yourself with the criteria according to which theses are judged

Documentation of educational component

  • All candidates at the Faculty of Social Sciences should make use of StudentWeb. All courses that you have taken should be registered here
  • Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that the entire educational component is approved and registered in StudentWeb well before you submit your thesis

Well before submission

  • Advise the PhD executive officer in your unit that the thesis will soon be ready for submission, so that the work of composing an adjudication committee may commence
  • Submit a brief summary of the thesis (1-3 pages in English) that can be sent to the relevant committee members

How do I submit the thesis?

Where is the thesis submitted?

The thesis and all accompanying documents should be delivered to the unit to which you are affiliated. The application is addressed to the faculty, but delivered/sent to the unit to which you are affiliated.

What should be submitted?

  • The thesis in 5 copies, bound or stapled
  • The thesis as a PDF file to the unit
  • Application for adjudication of the thesis
  • Co-authorship declarations

Contents of the application

  • Contact address: name, address, phone number/email address.
  • Information about where and when the work was carried out.
  • Overview over the articles in the thesis: where and when they were published, status of the articles (published, accepted for publications, planned to be submitted).
  • Declaration as to whether the PhD work has been submitted for adjudication for the first/second time, and that the thesis has not been submitted for adjudication at another institution.
  • Name(s) and contact information of supervisor(s).
  • If you have not documented any sick leave/leaves of absence on an ongoing basis, an overview should be attached from your employer detailing what leaves of absence you have had during the period.
  • If you have submitted works written jointly with other authors, you should enclose a declaration by your co-authors detailing who has contributed what to these works.
  • If the thesis is a continuation of a master’s thesis, you may provide information about this.
  • You should not present suggestions to the adjudication committee

Are you submitting a reworked thesis?

If you have been recommended to submit a reworked version of your thesis within a given time frame, you must submit this to the unit in the same way as described above. The submission counts as part of your first submission. You submit a cover letter addressed to the adjudication committee and marked “Submission of reworked thesis” in which you briefly describe the changes made.

Are you submitting for the second time?

You submit in the same manner as for the first submission.

No cooling-off period

You cannot withdraw a PhD that has been submitted for adjudication.

What happens following submission of the thesis?

You will normally receive a message regarding the composition of the adjudication committee within four weeks of submission.

What do I do while I am waiting for the adjudication?

When the report is available

The adjudication committee sends its report to the unit. The PhD executive officer sends you the report for any comments before it can be approved by the faculty.

What outcomes may the adjudication have?

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