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Submission of the thesis

What should I think about before submitting the thesis for adjudication?

Early in the programme

  • Familiarize yourself with the requirements laid down for a thesis
  • Familiarize yourself with the criteria according to which theses are judged

Documentation of educational component

  • All candidates at the Faculty of Social Sciences should make use of StudentWeb. All courses that you have taken should be registered here
  • Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that the entire educational component is approved and registered in StudentWeb well before you submit your thesis

Well before submission

  • How to format your thesis before submission
  • Advise the PhD executive officer in your unit that the thesis will soon be ready for submission, so that the work of composing an adjudication committee may commence
  • Submit a brief summary of the thesis (1-3 pages in English) that can be sent to the relevant committee members

Source and citation check of doctoral thesis

The Faculty of Social Sciences reserves the right to scan all doctoral theses in a text recognition programme before the evaluation process is initiated. The entire thesis is scanned by the programme, but it is the thesis summary that is checked most thoroughly. If the candidate has handed in a monograph, the entire thesis is checked.

The routine has been introduced to ensure that doctoral theses at the Faculty of Social Sciences follow current guidelines for referencing at UiO. The programme reveals any text similarities between the candidate’s work and previously published works, and makes it easier to evaluate whether text excerpts are correctly and sufficiently referenced.

The text recognition programme will not cover all sources, and the candidate still has an independent responsibility to ensure that all sources used in the thesis are correctly and sufficiently referenced.

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How do I submit the thesis?

Where is the thesis submitted?

The thesis and all accompanying documents is submitted through an online form (nettskjema) to the unit to which you are affiliated. Send an e-mail to to receive the link to the online form.

What should be submitted?

  • The online form (Application for evaluation of the thesis at the Faculty of Social Sciences.) 
  • The thesis as a PDF file. The thesis should be saved as a PDF-file and should not be scanned. 
  • Declaration confirming procurement of all necessary concessions, permits and recommendations in connection with the research project and  all the relevant documents (REK, NSD/Sikt etc) including all relevant documents.
  • Co-authorship declarations
  • Press release (in Norwegian)
  • Abstract (in English) 

Declaration confirming procurement of all necessary concessions

Both the declaration and the concessions must be uploaded. Projects handling personal information must upload the NSD/Sikt assessment (or other equivalent assessments)  

Press release

The press release should present your research results (news) and their importance to the general public (social relevance) in a popular science format. Think of the press release as an introductory sales text that will persuade journalists to contact you in order for you to be able to communicate your research through the media. The press release shall be in Norwegian and follow the faculty’s template.

Tips for a good press release:

  • Heading ‒ create a short but arresting title to capture interest
  • The most important thing first ‒ begin with the conclusion ‒ what have you discovered?
  • The main point ‒ focus on one main point, not on the entire thesis
  • Write simply ‒ write simple sentences with clear messages, avoid details, use direct speech, avoid academic jargon, feel free to use pointed statements or quotes from your thesis
  • Write concisely ‒ a maximum of 2000 characters including spaces

You should write the press release yourself, but we recommend you to get help in streamlining the message. The faculty takes care of distribution to the press.


All doctoral theses should include a short abstract. The abstract should be placed in the thesis, after the table of contents and foreword. The abstract must be written in English. There are otherwise no formal requirements with respect to the format of the abstract

The abstract can be included on the back of the printed thesis upon prior agreement with Unipub.

Are you submitting a reworked thesis?

If you have been recommended to submit a reworked version of your thesis within a given time frame, you must submit this to the unit in the same way as described above. The submission counts as part of your first submission. You submit a cover letter addressed to the adjudication committee and marked “Submission of reworked thesis” in which you briefly describe the changes made.

Are you submitting for the second time?

You submit in the same manner as for the first submission.

No cooling-off period

You cannot withdraw a PhD that has been submitted for adjudication.

What happens following submission of the thesis?

You will normally receive a message regarding the composition of the adjudication committee within four weeks of submission.

What do I do while I am waiting for the adjudication?

When the report is available

The adjudication committee sends its report to the unit. The PhD executive officer sends you the report for any comments before it can be approved by the faculty.

What outcomes may the adjudication have?

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