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Thesis - regulations and guidelines

Requirements for the thesis

A PhD thesis shall not be so comprehensive than it is impossible to write within the framework of the PhD programme, a nominal length of 3 years.

  • The thesis shall be an independent scientific work which meets international standards with regard to ethical requirements, academic level and method
  • The thesis shall account for the research ethical and scientific theoretical issues related to the work.
  • The thesis shall contribute to the development of new academic knowledge and be of an academic level which enables it to be published as part of the scientific literature in the field
  • The thesis may consist of one cohesive work (monograph) or of several smaller works (article-based thesis)
  • See Programme plan (part 4) for the PhD programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences for general requirements for the thesis (see Regulations)


  • The thesis shall be thoroughly revised, both technically and linguistically
  • Check the references
  • A linguistically and technically unfinished thesis may result in the thesis not being approved for defence

If you wish to write your thesis in a language other than Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English, you must apply for permission upon admission to the PhD programme. The faculty decides which languages may be used in a thesis.

Article-based theses

  • Compilations of several smaller works are approved as a thesis if there is an association between the different parts and this association is described in an introductory section of the thesis
  • The introductory section of the thesis shall not only summarize but also compare the research questions and conclusions that are presented in the articles in a holistic perspective
  • If you have co-authors you must document the extent of the co-authorship and your input into the various works by means of co-authorship declarations that are to be delivered together with the thesis when it is submitted for evaluation
  • Remember to specify an affiliation to UiO in your publications. Even externally employed PhD candidates must quote UiO as their author affiliation
  • It is the University of Oslo's (UiO) goal that research results shall be openly available. Read more about Open Access
  • If you are employed at UiO you are obliged to submit a post-print versjon of scientific articles produced in connection with your employment to the institutional electronic knowledge archive. Read more about Accessibility of work results (Open Access)
  • Check the faculty’s and individual disciplines’ clarification of requirements for article-based theses.
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