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Application and admission - PhD

There are two routes of admission to the faculty PhD programme:

1) You may be appointed to a PhD fellowship. This automatically entitles you to enrollment in the faculty PhD programme.

2) You may apply and be enrolled in the programme with external funding.

PhD position at the Faculty of Social Sciences

To apply for a PhD fellowship at the Faculty of Social Sciences, a vacant position must have been advertised. PhD fellowships are linked to an academic subject/subject area, project, or unit and are advertised by the department or centre concerned.

A supervisor is given to you after admission.

If you are appointed to a PhD fellowship, you become employed at the University of Oslo for the duration of the programme and are given the same rights and duties as other employees.

Apply for admission to the PhD programme with external funding

You may apply  for admission to the programme with external funding if your PhD education is being funded by another institution. You are required to be affiliated with an active research community