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Coronavirus: Information to PhD candidates at the Faculty of Social Sciences

UiO's buildings were closed on Thursday 12 March 2020 at 6pm and will remain closed until after Easter

All UiO employees now work from home, including PhD candidates who have their workplace at UiO. For more information see: 

PhD candidates with a workplace other than UiO must adhere to the guidelines at their workplace.

PhD examination/Public defence

Digital public defence

1. All public defences at the faculty are digital.

2. The candidate can choose whether the trial lecture should be conducted live or recorded. This choice must be made at least 18 days before the defense. If the candidate chose to record the trial lecture, the recording must be submitted at least 48 hours before the public defense. In both cases, the committee must approve the trial lecture before the defense can begin.

3. The time from the candidate is given the title of the trial lecture, until the trial lecture is held, set to 15 working days. If the trial lecture is to be recorded, the candidate will be given the title 17 working days before the defense.

Limited access to UiO's buildings

All UiO employees now work from home, including PhD candidates who have their workplace at UiO.

PhD candidates with a workplace other than UiO must adhere to the guidelines at their workplace.

The advice from the health authorities is that in general employees should work from their home office. While following this advice, the University of Oslo must also ensure that research dependent on laboratory facilities, technical infrastructure or archives should as far as possible be continued. 

See UiO’s criteria for limited access to university buildings. 

The following applies to staff and students at the Faculty of Social Sciences:
The main rule is still working from home for all students and staff at SV.

We will open up for restricted access to university buildings in order resume necessary research as defined in UiO’s criteria provided that appropriate application is granted and that necessary infection control measures are taken.

Only a very limited number of such permits are granted to ensure adequate distance and counteract infection risk.
Applications are sent to your own institute / center and are processed on an ongoing basis by the head of department / center.

The student clinics at PSI do not open, as patient treatment can be offered without physical presence.

PhD courses

The faculty is working on digitalizing the teaching and on finding good solutions for the implementation of exams. 

If you were planning to take a course that has been cancelled due to the Corona-pandemic, and this will cause you to be delayed in your PhD please please contact  your unit.

Thesis submission

If you want to submit your thesis, please follow the steps outlined here

For information on how to fill in co-authorship declarations electronically/ by e-mail, please read this guide.


We are not able to print and sign diplomas while the University is closed.

After the defense has been completed, candidates will receive a confirmation that their ph.d.-degree has been completed from their unit. 

An electronic version of the diploma will be available in the Diploma Registry  (log in using Feide or BankID). 

The electronic version of the diploma will be available shortly before you would have participated in the doctoral conferment ceremony, the dates are found here


Case processing

The faculty, unfortunately, does not have the possibility to open regular post while the university is closed. 

Candidates who have already received approved recommendation or who get their thesis approved for public defence during the period UiO is closed, must wait until further notice as regards when the PhD examination can be held.


In regards to delays in progression due to the Coronavirus, a right to extension of the admission period will be given, also beyond the ordinary 3 years, if necessary. All candidates with active admission on the PhD programme as of 15 March 2020 will be covered by this in the event of future application for extension.

For PhD candidates employed by the Faculty of Social Sciences:
For PhD candidates who end up with ten or more days of absence because of closed schools and day care, we will grant an extension. During this period, UiO will not require the absence to be continuous.


Applications for extension is to be sent to the relevant department / unit. We ask that PhD candidates with contracts with an end date after August 1, 2020 do not apply yet.

Mid-term evaluation

The faculty encourages mid-term evaluations to be held by using digital aids, e.g. Zoom.


The faculty encourages supervision to be provided via Zoom or other digital aids, as long as the authorities’ measures to prevent infection are applicable.

Traveling/studying abroad

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travels abroad that are not strictly necessary and also asks all Norwegians traveling to consider returning home to Norway safely in consultation with their travel agency or airline.

Contact information

If you are a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Social Sciences and have questions about how the Coronavirus affects your PhD admission please contact us.

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