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Applying for a PhD fellowship at the Faculty of Social Sciences

PhD fellowships at the Faculty of Social Sciences are advertised regularly. If you are appointed to a PhD fellowship, you are automatically enrolled in the PhD programme.

What is a PhD fellowship?

As a doctoral research fellow you will be temporarily employed in an academic position at one of the faculty departments or centres to pursue your PhD. You will be appointed for either three years without a mandatory teaching component or four years with a 25% mandatory teaching component. The employer’s requirements determine whether you are appointed for three or four years.

Am I qualified to apply?

Read the vacancy announcement for details on requirements.

You are normally qualified if you have:

  • A minimum of five years’ at bachelor’s and master’s degree level (master’s degree or equivalent). In exceptional cases the faculty may allow admission based on a one-year master’s degree.
  • Average grades of A or B in your master’s degree
  • For applicants to the programme options in Economics and Political Science, special recommendations applies.

Other relevant higher education or academic publications combined with a one-year master’s degree may form the basis for admission. This will be assessed on an individual basis.

When are the calls for proposal announced?

  • Department of Political Science mainly announces call for proposals in early June with the deadline 1. September
  • Department of Economics announces call for proposals in December with the deadline 15 January
  • Department of Sociology and Human geography normally announces 3 PhD fellowships each year (2 in Sociology, 1 in Human Geography). The deadline is often late summer, but may vary
  • The other programme options do not have fixed periods for announcement. Please visit our website for vacant PhD fellowships

How do I apply?

UiO uses an electronic recruitment portal. Your letter of application, information about you as an applicant and relevant annexes are uploaded to the portal. We recommend that you have all your documents ready before you begin the application process. Applications are submitted electronically. See link to recruitment portal in the relevant vacancy announcement.

An application consists of the following documents:

  • Letter of application
  • Project proposal
  • CV and relevant certificates/references
  • List of academic works, where relevant

Admission to the PhD programme

Upon appointment to a PhD position at one of the PhD program's specializations, you will automatically be admitted to the PhD program.

ARENA, C-REX, SUM, KHM and CICERO do not receive admission automatically, and must apply for admission as externally funded candidates. Application deadlines are set by the faculty.

The discipline to which you are affiliated comprises the parameters for your organized research training, which includes PhD courses, supervision, seminar activity and work on your thesis.

Programme options

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