Workshop for Asbjørn Rødseth: Macroeconomics and Policymaking

The workshop is organized to celebrate professor Rødseth’s scientific contributions, scholarship and long term services to the University of Oslo and to the Norwegian society in general. The workshop is open for all interested.


14.15-15 Key note

Seppo Honkapohja, Bank of Finland     Persistent slowdowns, expectations and macroeconomic



15.15-16.30 Policy

Hilde Bjørnland, BI                                 Do central banks respond timely?

Ragnar Torvik, NTNU                           Oil prices and macroeconomic policy


16.45 – 18 History

Ragnar Nymoen, UiO                           Norwegian wage formation since independence 

Svein Gjedrem, NHH                            The Norwegian economic history over the last 50 years

                                                              - in short


About Asbjørn Rødseth

The workshop celebrates Asbjørn Rødseth's research achievements: Professor Rødseth has for years been the leading applied macro economist in Norway. His book, Open Economy Macroeconomics (Cambridge University Press, 2000), is a clear testimony of his lasting contributions to modern macroeconomics.

The workshop also celebrates his role as an influential policy advisor and decision maker: Professor Rødseth was at the board in Norges Bank (The Norwegian Central Bank), 2004 – 2011, and in the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, 1988 - 2002.  He acted for more than twelve years as a member of the advisory group in the Ministry of Finance on economic modeling. He was a member of the Royal Commissions on pensions (2001-2004), on housing policy (2002), on pension funding (1998), on youth unemployment (1994) and on the taxation of electric utilities (1992, leader).

Finally, the workshop celebrates his academic leadership: Professor Rødseth was chair of Department of Economics 1987-1990 and the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences 2002 – 2007.



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