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Department of Economics' strategy

The strategy is based on the Department of Economics' purpose, which is to contribute to the development and transfer of knowledge about economics and demography with associated disciplines, thereby providing the broader society with new research and new knowledge

More detailed information canbe found on the Norwegian pages.

Overarching strategic goals

The goal is reached by:

  • conducting research at a high international level
  • offering research-based education at the highest international level through Bachelor, Master's, and PhD studies 
  • participate in communication and exchange of knowledge with the broader society.

If the goals is reached, the department will:

  • be a renown and notable contributor to and conveyor of new knowledge
  • be recognized nationally and internationally as a leading research- and educational institution
  • assume a central position in the education of economists and help ensure they on the basis of their education possess good career prospects 
  • be open to the national and international sphere
  • be a well-functioning and attractive place to work for employees of all groups as well as guests, and have a well-functioning and attractive student community.

For a detailed overview of strategic plans, please see the Norwegian web site.

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