ARENA Tuesday Seminar: Tatiana Fumasoli

Tatiana Fumasoli from ARENA presented her paper 'Emerging Scientific Elites: How European Research Instruments Trigger Integration and Fragmentation of the Europe of Knowledge' at the ARENA Tuesday Seminar on 13 May 2014.

Photo: UiO

Fumasoli’s paper investigates how subnational institutions and Europe impacts multilevel integration. Moreover, it emphasises the importance of a connection between the extent to which these institutions enjoy autonomy within their respective national systems and whether or not one observes European integration or fragmentation. The basis for this examination is the study of European research policy. Furthermore, the analysis is based on policy documents and multitude of interviews with faculty, administrators and academics at four different European Flagship Universities. These universities, in turn, are located in Amsterdam, Helsinki, Leuven and Oslo.

By the means of a three level study the paper examines how structural characteristics, norms and institutions affect different Flagship Universities with respect to European wide research policies. It also looks into the different practices in the Flagship universities themselves alongside European research policies. On the basis of this, the paper concludes that Europeanization of European research policies happens incrementally and disjointedly. It involves a multitude of actors and different practices that correspond to different objectives, resources and cultures.

The discussion that followed the presentation was focused on questions of clarification concerning the nature of the paper, the data and analytical framework. There were also calls for further clarity to be provided with respect to the paper’s core research question and definitions, as well further development of key terms and concepts.

By Tine E. J. Brøgger

Download the paper (restricted access)

Please note that this paper is work in progress and thus has limited distribution, please contact us if you would like access. Do not cite without permission from the author.


Tatiana Fumasoli is a post-doctoral fellow at ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo, where she participates in the FLAGSHIP project. She holds a PhD in Communication Sciences from USI Università della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano, Switzerland. Her main research interests include higher education research, management sciences, and organisation theory.


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