ARENA Tuesday Seminars in 2012 and 2013. 


10 December Kutsal Yesilkagit: The rule-making autonomy of agencies under multi-institutional settings
3  December Cathrine Holst: 'Holding EU experts to account: The case of economic expertise'
26 November Léa Roger: 'The Quality of Deliberation in Two Committees of the European Parliament: The Neglected Influence of the Situational Context and the Policymaking Stage' (With Gary S. Schaal)
12 November Frank Schimmelfennig: 'Circles and hemispheres: Differentiated integration in Europe'
5  November Marise Cremona: 'A reticent court? Policy objectives and the Court of Justice'
29 October Elin Lerum Boasson: 'Industry and European Integration: Institutional Feedback Trumping National Economic Power?'
22 October Mai'a K. Davis Cross: 'The politics of crisis in Europe: Integrational panic and the role of the media'
27 August Richard Rose: 'Interdependence challenges: technocratic and democratic policies'
28 May Ian Manners: 'European Communion in Global Politics'
14 May Jonathan White: 'Emergency Europe'
30 April Bruno de Witte: 'Using international law in the euro crisis: causes and consequences’
16 April Ole Elgström: 'Negotiating a new world order: the EU and multilateral diplomacy at a time of change'
19 March Sofia Vasilopoulou: 'Absent yet popular? Explaining news visibility of Members of the European Parliament'
12 February Ian Cooper: 'A Yellow Card for the Striker: How National Parliaments Defeated an EU Regulation on the Right to Strike'
29 January Christoph Ossege: 'Driven by Expertise or Pursuing Interests? The Internal Operation of EU Agencies'


11 December Andreas Grimmel: 'Integration and the Context of Law: Why the European Court of Justice is not a Political Actor'
20 November Renaud Dehousse: 'The Commission in the EU System: A Citadel Under Siege'
23 October Jan-Werner Müller: 'Can there be a dictatorship inside the EU? or: What, if anything, can Brussels do to safeguard democracy in Member States?'
25 September Markus Jachtenfuchs: 'Beyond Market Regulation. Analyzing the European Integration of Core State Powers'
04 September Michael Bauer: 'Not necessarily supranationalists? Regio-crats and the European Commission'
5 June David Beetham: 'Revisiting Legitimacy. Twenty Years On'
29 May Michael Brüggemann and Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw: 'Cosmopolitanism Explained: Causal Recipes for International News Coverage in European Newspapers'
15 May Agustín Menéndez: From the financial to the constitutional crisis of the European Union: The brave new constitutionalism of the European Union and its many pitfalls'
17 April Morten Rasmussen: 'Constructing and Deconstructing "Constitutional" European Law: Some reflections on how to study the history of European law'
27 March Willem Maas: 'Varieties of Multilevel Citizenship'
6 March Falk Daviter: 'Policy Framing in the European Union'
28 February Hans-Jörg Trenz, Irena Fiket and Espen D. H. Olsen: 'Deliberation under Conditions of Language Pluralism: Insights from the EuroPolis Deliberative Polling Experiment'
14 February Carlos Closa: 'Dealing with the Past: Memory and European Integration'
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