Workshop: Differentiated Integration

ARENA organises a workshop gathering contributors to a forthcoming special issue of Journal of European Public Policy to discuss different visions of Differentiated Integration (DI). The aim is to contribute towards a clear, complete and concise definition of the notion.


The notion of Differentiated Integration (DI) is increasingly used in the literature on European integration. Often employed interchangeably with the notion of 'flexible integration', diverging views on its nature have led to the emergence of various definitions and, to some extent, a semantic confusion. A lack of consensus characterizes the academic literature; some authors even avoid putting an explicit definition on the term.

The forthcoming special issue of JEPP will address the following questions:

  • How can one define Differentiated Integration in the European Union?
  • Should DI be considered as a process, a concept, a system, or a theory?
  • Should DI be seen as a temporary or a well- established phenomenon?
  • Finally, what are the causes and effects of DI?


Monday 11 November 2013

09.30    Welcome

09.45    The EU as a System of Differentiated Integration:
00.00    Patterns and Explanations
00.00    Frank Schimmelfennig, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
00.00    Dirk Leuffen, University of Konstanz
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10.45    Coffee Break

11.00    Democracy and Differentiation in Europe
00.00    John Erik Fossum, ARENA, University of Oslo
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12.00    Lunch break

13:00    Utopia or Dystopia? Towards a Normative Analysis of Differentiated Integration
             Christopher Lord, ARENA, University of Oslo
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14:00    Coffee break

14.15    Relax! Comparative Regionalism and the Art of Differentiated Integration
00.00    Alex Warleigh-Lack, University of Surrey
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15.15    Coffee break

15.30    Models of External Differentiation in the EU’s Neighbourhood:
             An Expanding Economic Community?
00.00    Sieglinde Gstöhl, College of Europe, Bruges Campus
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16.30    The Nordic States and Government Preferences on Differentiated Integration:
             A Comparative Perspective
00.00    Benjamin Leruth, University of Edinburgh
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17.30    End day 1

19.30    Dinner

Tuesday 12 November 2013

09.00    Actors and Dynamics in the Emerging European Research Area
             Extending the Research Agenda on Differentiated Integration
00.00    Åse Gornitzka, ARENA, University of Oslo
00.00    Tatiana Fumasoli, ARENA, University of Oslo
00.00    Benjamin Leruth, University of Edinburgh
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10.00    Concluding discussion
00.00    Practical arrangements for the special issue

10.45    Coffee

11.00    End of workshop

11.00    ARENA Tuesday Seminar

00.00    Circles and hemispheres: Differentiated integration in Europe
00.00    Frank Schimmelfennig

12.45    Lunch break

14.00    Exit, Voice, and Loyalty seminar at Litteraturhuset
00.00    Jointly organised by ARENA and Fritt Ord

00.00    Rethinking Europe
00.00    Timothy Garton Ash

More information

Please note that the workshop is restricted to invited participants.

The workshop papers will be made available on this website with restricted access (participants only).

For more information, contact Prof. Christopher Lord at ARENA.

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