Election of employee representatives to ARENA’s Board 2020-2024

Employees have the opportunity to influence ARENA’s proceedings and developments through their elected representatives in the Board.

Board room

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The election will be arranged as an electronic election in accordance with the University of Oslo's election procedures.


  • The deadline for nominating candidates is Monday 2 December at 09:00.
  • The election period is Wednesday 4 December at 11:00 to Friday 6 December at 23:59.

Election procedures

Electronic election

The election is open from Wednesday 4 December to Friday 6 December.

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Preference election

You are asked to rank the candidates, as many (or as few) as you like. In line with UiO's election procedures, the seats are distributed according to the principle of the Droop quota.

Who may vote?

All employees who hold a 50% position or more at the time of voting has the right to vote in this election.

The Board and the nomination procedures

What does ARENA’s Board do?

  • Secure the continued development of the centre as a leading research institution on political integration and cooperation in Europe.
  • Follow up of the centre’s plans and strategies.
  • Discuss financial priorities and approve the centre’s budget.
  • For more information see the mandate, agendas and minutes of meetings (in Norwegian).
  • Staff members on the board are also appointed members of ARENA's Employment Board (delegated authority from the ARENA Board).

Read more on the Board's mandate and composition in the new ARENA Administrative Regulations (in Norwegian).

See also the ARENA Board's agendas and minutes (in Norwegian).

Who may be elected to the board?​

  • One member and one deputy member from each of the following three staff groups:
    • Permanent academic staff (4 year period)
    • Temporary academic staff (1 year period) 
    • Administrative staff (4 year period)
  • An election meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th of November where the election committee (current staff members of the board and administrative director) will present the election procedures and answer questions from the staff.
  • In the event that too few candidates are nominated, candidates may be appointed.

Can I be nominated?

  • You must be employed in at least a 50% position for the entire election period (1 or 4 years).

How to nominate candidates

  • You may propose yourself or a colleague. All proposed candidates must be informed and consent. ARENA’s election board will not rank nor exclude any proposed eligible candidates.
  • Proposals are to be submitted to the election board’s secretary Ida Hjelmesæth by the deadline expiry on 1 December 2019.

What are the benefits of being a board member?

  • Experience with board procedures and discussions.
  • Influence and co-decision.
  • Understanding of organizational work.
  • ARENA employees use their working time for board meetings and do not receive any other compensation.
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