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RFID in Society (eksternt) (avsluttet)

Om prosjektet

Fra beskrivelsen på prosjektets bloggsider:

"The project RFID in Society, funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NRC) under the Verdikt programme, seek to establish a research-based analytical framework that can be used to understand and explore RFID/IoT opportunities and challenges in an integrated manner. The project will further develop into a methodology for studying future innovations and potential consequences (opportunities and obstacles), both on a micro (individual) and macro (societal) level. The framework will be limited to innovations that somehow involve interaction between people, products and social environments. Such an approach to RFID and IoT innovation does not exist in Norway, and appears internationally only in separate and fragmented research, and where theoretical and methodological emphasis and rigidity is limited."


RFID in Society er et eksternt prosjekt drevet av SIFO. TIKs bidrag i prosjektet har kommet gjennom professor Kristin Asdal og postdoktor Stefanie Jenssen. For mer detaljer om prosjektet, se prosjektets blogg.


SIFO er prosjektleder for RFID in Society, og deltar i samarbeid med TIK, SNF - NHH, og IMK - UiO. Prosjektet har en ramme på 5 år og skal avsluttes innen juni 2016.

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