Nature and science in politics (completed)

This project investigates the production and mediation of 'nature' and 'the natural' in scientific, political, and everyday practices.

About the project

The focus of the project is on science as an important producer of material realities and naturalised power. By examining the creation and reshaping of nature-relevant boundaries between the human, the animal, the technical and the biological, we will map variations and stabilities in these boundaries. We will do so across time and at different levels of scale, focussing in particular on the role of science, its practices, and its political and social materialisations. 

The project will explore and develop the cultural analysis of science and technology (STS) through several empirical studies in order to investigate how boundaries between culture and nature are produced:


  • Food politics and veteran medicine and practice in Norway.
  • Understandings and practices of Alzheimer’s disease in Norway.
  • The writing of natural history in Norway in the 18th century.
  • The development of the Norwegian Red Cow breed.
  • Outbreak and implications of the 2001 foot and mouth epidemic in the UK


The Research Council of Norway (RCN)



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