Are you a master student looking for a thesis topic?

Within the LittleTools project, you may find interesting, fun and relevant ideas for master theses about science, politics, the economy, and the environment - with a special focus on oceans, fish, and aquaculture.

Do you wonder what we will live off in the future? Are you concerned about the environment? Or curious about the aquaculture industry? Or interested in the making of new, large scale policy visions? Are you fascinated by the swift developments within life science and marine technologies? Would you like to do field work on a fishing vessel, breeding program, an innovation lab, or behind a fresh fish counter? 

If so, you may be interested in the LittleTools project!

See here for a list of short project descriptions for master theses. The cases and research questions are meant as inspiration - we are happy to help you develop your own idea!

Contact persons: Kristin Asdal and Hilde Reinertsen 

Published Jan. 27, 2017 3:38 PM - Last modified Jan. 27, 2017 3:40 PM