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TIK's Sissel Myklebust is retiring from her position here at TIK and in conjunction with this a seminar will take place Thursday 3rd of March, 13:00.

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TIK organizes a PhD course on "Knowledge, Innovation and Networks in Today’s Economy", which will be taught by Professor Robin Cowan during the week 27-31 July.

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TIK is organizing a workshop for researchers and students who are interested in analyzing micro-level innovation data and/or combining analysis of innovation data with other kinds of firm-level data.

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The Department of Media & Communication will be hosting a one-day symposium on image technologies and imaging practices with Patricia Pisters (University of Amsterdam) Siegfried Zielinski (European Graduate School, Saas-Fee) and Matthias Bruhn (Humboldt University, Berlin).

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The Center for Technology, Innovation and Culture is pleased to invite its staff to the fourth Publication Workshop, which will take place at TIK on 24th-25th November.

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On the occasion of the new book, Humans, animals and biopolitics: the more-than-human condition, the Little Tools Project organizes the workshop "Versions of biopolitics/Versions of Foucault".

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This open workshop is an accompaniment to the seminar Self tracking - good for you?, held on March 23rd.