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How do people in Africa work towards human security?

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ANTHUSIA is a multi-disciplinary research project conducted by a consortium of four universities. These are Aarhus University (Denmark), University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), University of Leuven (Belgium) and University of Oslo (Norway). The consortium also collaborates with numerous non-academic and academic partner organizations with expertise in a variety of different human security issues in Africa that will contribute to the Early Stage Researchers' training and the project’s impact and dissemination.

By combining competencies from Anthropology, Human Security and African Studies, the project aims to foster talent relevant to current challenges and potentials of developing safe societies in Africa. By exploring different areas from a human security perspective, the research will provide insights into problems such as expanding young populations, accelerated urbanization, unequally distributed growth, recurring conflicts, persistent health problems, and refugee insecurity.

ANTHUSIA will recruit 15 ESRs (Early Stage Researchers). Each ESR is supervised by two senior researchers from two universities. The researchers will conduct one year of empirical research in Africa, including 3-5 months of secondment. They will participate in PhD courses and disseminate research in a thesis as well as articles, presentations, and policy briefs using visual media. They will be awarded a joint doctoral degree from the two universities, where the supervisors are based.

Visit the external project page or follow ANTHUSIA on Facebook for more information and updates. 

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