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Research Support

The Research Administration (Psychology)


Elisabeth Gråbøl-Undersrud - Administrative Head of Research  

  • Overall Responsibility, Research Strategy, Application/Funding Support, Career Development

Aino Rinhaug - Research Adviser

  • Application/Funding Support, Career Development

Tormod Eide - Research Adviser

  • Internal Review Board, Cristin, Ephorte, Project Management

Stian Andreassen - Research Adviser

  • Project Management, Reporting

Torgrim Langleite - Data Manager / Data Protection Controller

  • Data Protection Contact, Data Management, Storage Solutions, ForskPro, Internal pre-evaluation of Health Projects, NSD/REK-applications, DPIA, Data Processor/Data Transfer/Collaboration-agreements, Introduction of New Electronic Tools, ROS, Laboratories/CTNC, Infrastructure Funds, Research Assistants

Bendik Erdal - Research Technician

  • TSD/Nettskjema-support, Qualtrics, Data-organising/cleanup, Registration of Master/Main Assignment, Web-pages for student projects