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Pre- and post-operative psychological interventions to prevent pain and fatigue after breast cancer surgery

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About the Project

The primary aim of this study is to test the effectiveness of a psychological pre- and post-operative intervention to prevent chronic post- surgical pain and fatigue in women undergoing breast cancer surgery. 


The pre-operative intervention involves a brief hypnosis intervention  found effective in reducing acute postsurgical pain and fatigue after breast cancer surgery. The post-operative intervention involves a brief Acceptance and Commitment Therapy intervention that targets core processes shown to improve functioning in patients with persistent fatigue.

The research results are expected to help the large and growing group of women affected by pain and fatigue after breast cancer surgery, both on an individual level as well as societal level, by reducing symptoms and disability and improve work ability and quality of life.


Every year, more than 3000 Norwegian women undergo breast cancer surgery. More than 40% of them will struggle with pain and fatigue years after surgery, regardless of surgical procedure. These consequences are detrimental and result in distress and disability, including work disability. Persistent fatigue is the most common symptom associated with cancer and its treatments.


The Norwegian Cancer Society 2019 - 2022.


The Project Group consists of partners from Oslo University hospital,The Norwegian Cancer Society, Örebro University and Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai NYC, US.




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