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Oslo Nuclear Project

Nuclear weapons are an enduring challenge to international security. We are entering a new nuclear age where regional powers will seek to draw on nuclear weapons in increasingly heterogeneous ways. At the same time, longstanding agreements to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons and prevent destabilizing arms races are under new strain.

This research program provides analyses of these challenges and educates a new generation of experts on nuclear weapons and international security.

To solve these global problems, non-nuclear weapons states must be increasingly proactive in providing new ideas and initiatives. A key objective is to bring perspectives from a non-nuclear weapons state into the global policy and academic debates about these issues. 


"To support Norway’s long-term efforts to achieve nuclear disarmament, we need updated knowledge about arms control and new generations of experts on nuclear weapons issues. For this reason, the government has decided to support a new initiative at the University of Oslo: Oslo Nuclear Project. A rigorous and fact-based debate and in-depth knowledge will be decisive for the ongoing efforts to achieve a world without nuclear weapons." [unofficial translation] Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide, 5 March 2019


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About the Project


The Oslo Nuclear Project is designed to assure a continued and increased cadre of experts [...] but also to pursue research and present ideas in the problematic field of nuclear weapons. It is valuable that discussions in this field should not be confined to experts from nuclear weapon states but also comprise researchers and expert officials from non-nuclear weapon states. Dr. Hans Blix, 20 May 2019.


This research program has three main thematic clusters:

  1. Disarmament and non-proliferation;
  2. Arms control;
  3. Nuclear strategies and doctrines.

Our core outputs include academic research in the form of books and articles, teaching and education at undergraduate and graduate levels, and outreach to policy and practitioner communities seeking updated research-based analyses.

Oslo Nuclear Project hosts a seminar series and a bi-annual ONP forum bringing together analytic and policy perspectives on pressing challenges in the nuclear field. 

A key priority for this project is to combine research excellence and relevance. To this end, we offer stipends to support graduate students from the Department of Political Science writing theses on nuclear weapons issues. Members of the program provide briefings to policy-makers, practitioners, and civil society in Norway and abroad. We are developing further initiatives to integrate scholars and practitioners.

We are developing collaborations with international partners including School of Security Studies (Kings College London) and the Belfer Center (Harvard University).


This research program is supported by the University of Oslo, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the MacArthur foundation.

Advisory board

Oslo Nuclear Project has an international advisory board including Hans Blix, Rolf Ekéus, Scott D. Sagan, Lynn Eden, David Holloway, Laura Rockwood, and Jennifer Erickson.


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