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Oslo Nuclear Project

Nuclear weapons pose an enduring challenge to international security. This research program analyzes these challenges and educates a new generation of experts on nuclear weapons and international security.  


About the Project

Scholars in this program provide academic research, education at undergraduate and graduate levels, and outreach to policy and practitioner communities. To receive our quarterly newsletter and / or invitations to our events, please sign up via this link .


This research program is supported by the University of Oslo, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, and the MacArthur foundation.

Advisory board

Oslo Nuclear Project has an international advisory board including Hans Blix, Rolf Ekéus, Scott D. Sagan, Lynn Eden, David Holloway, Laura Rockwood, Ole Harbitz, Jennifer Erickson and Rolf Tamnes.

The Oslo Nuclear Project is designed to assure a continued and increased cadre of experts [...] but also to pursue research and present ideas in the problematic field of nuclear weapons. It is valuable that discussions in this field should not be confined to experts from nuclear weapon states but also comprise researchers and expert officials from non-nuclear weapon states. 

                                                       Dr. Hans Blix, 20 May 2019.



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