Elin Lerum Boasson

Associate Professor - Department of Political Science
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Room 840
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Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 31 Eilert Sundts hus blokk B 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1097 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

Energy and climate policy and politics. EU level as well as domestic policy processes, especially in Norway and Sweden.

Theory: Neo-institutionalism, Policy Entrepreneurship, Economic Sociology, Organization Studies, Policy Process Studies, Europeanization and European Integration.

Method: Qualitative interviews, comparative policy studies, case studies and comparative case studies. 

Courses taught


Elin Lerum Boasson has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Oslo. She has been a visiting scholar at University of California, Berkeley, Freie University, Berlin and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her research explains variaion in climate and energy policy accross countries, and explores how and to what extent business, governmental organizations, politicians and EU steering shapes the policy development. 

She is one of the lead authors in the 6th Assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), with a special responsebility for national policies and institutions.

Boasson has a 20% position at CICERO Center for International Climate Research. Boasson was a leader of working group 1 ‘Sources’ (focusing on climate policy invention) in the COST Action Innovations in Climate Governance: Sources, Patterns and Effects. She also led the  large research project 'Revising the National Renewables Policy Mix: The role of state aid and other key EU policies (REMIX)'.

Tags: Public Policy and Administration, Public policy, neo-institutionalism, organization theory, European Union, European integration, Europeanization


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  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Wettestad, Jørgen (2014). The Interaction of EU Climate Policies: Mechanisms and Lessons, In Tony Fitzpatrick (ed.),  International Handbook on Social Policy and the Environment.  Edward Elgar Publishing.  ISBN 9780857936134.  Chapter 12.  s 329 - 349
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  • Boasson, Elin Lerum; Leiren, Merethe Dotterud & Wettestad, Jørgen (ed.) (2021). Comparative Renewables Policy: Political, Organizational and European Fields. Routledge.  ISBN 9780367187668.  278 s. Show summary
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  • Andresen, Steinar; Boasson, Elin Lerum & Hønneland, Geir (ed.) (2012). International environmental agreements: an introduction. Routledge.  ISBN 9780415598255.  199 s.

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  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2019). Comparative Renewable Energy Policy.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2019). Comparative Renewable Energy Policy.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2019). Political steering and climate policy: Exploring the role of Garbage Can and Political Competition.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2018). Comparative Renewable Energy Policy.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2018). EUs klimapolitikk i endring: Innsatsfordeling, nasjonale forpliktelser og fleksibilitetsmekanismene.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2018). Nordic Energy Paradoxes: Comparing Swedish and Norwegian renewables policies.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Leiren, Merethe Dotterud (2018). Four modes of Europeanization: How the EU influences renewables policy.
  • Huitema, Dave; Boasson, Elin Lerum & Beunen, Raoul (2018). Entrepreneurship in climate governance at the local and regional levels: concepts, methods, patterns, and effects. Regional Environmental Change.  ISSN 1436-3798.  18(5), s 1247- 1257 . doi: 10.1007/s10113-018-1351-5 Show summary
  • Leiren, Merethe Dotterud; Szulecki, Kacper; Banet, Catherine; Boasson, Elin Lerum; Wettestad, Jørgen & Bjermeland, Monica (2018). Panel: Utviklingen av støttesystemer for fornybar energi i seks europeiske land.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Delta i debatten Miljønasjon eller oljenasjon: Norske verdier i oljealderen.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). EU climate and energy policy – implications for Norway.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). EUs klimapolitikk og Norge.
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  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Entrepreneurship and polycentricity.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Goliath strikes back: Explaining renewable energy Europeanization and market steering through EU state aid guidelines.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). How do the EU renewables policy and state aid regulations affect national renewable energy policy developments?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Hvilke politikk har EU og hvilke betydning har det for Norge?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Hvordan skiller klimameldingen seg fra tidligere klimapolitikk?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Klimapolitikk - i EU og Norge.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Locked-in Europeanization: Swedish renewables exceptionalism.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Norsk klimapolitikk i komparativt perspektiv.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Panel about Where is the ongoing revision of the EU renewable energy policy heading?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum; Hermansen, Erlend Andre T. & Lahn, Bård (2017). Fortsatt høye norske klimagassutslipp. Dagens næringsliv.  ISSN 0803-9372.
  • Hermansen, Erlend Andre T.; Boasson, Elin Lerum & Lahn, Bård Lappegård (2017). Fortsatt høye norske klimautslipp.. Dagens næringsliv.  ISSN 0803-9372.
  • Tennbakk, Berit; Boasson, Elin Lerum & Leiren, Merethe Dotterud (2017). Development of scenarios for EU renewable policies. Discussion paper 2016-12. Show summary
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2016). EU State Aid Guidelines: What can explain the shift in 2014?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2016). EUs nye fornybar energi politikk Hvor går EU og hva kan bli konsekvensene for Norge?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2016). Energimelding 1999 vs 2016. Hvor forskjellig er klimaprofilen, hva kan forklare dette og hva blir konsekvensene?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2016). Norwegian Renewables Policy: Why will Norway abolish the Green Certificate Scheme from 2021?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2016). REMIX Revising the National Renewables Mix The Role of State Aid and other Key EU Policies.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Bang, Guri (2016). Climate Governance Research and the IPCC: What can we hope to achieve?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Leiren, Merethe Dotterud (2016). Hvordan vil nye EU-regler rettet mot fornybar energi og kapasitetsmekansimer se ut?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2014). EU 2030 climate targets: Implications for Norway.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2014). EU 2030 climate targets: Implications for Norway.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2014). Europeisk innflytelse på norsk energi- og klimapolitikk i et historisk perspektiv: I hvilke grad har politisk ledelse og embetsverk sett mot Brussel?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Wettestad, Jørgen (2014). Europaparlamentet som klimajoker. Energi og Klima : Norsk klimastiftelses nettmagasin.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Wettestad, Jørgen (2014). Eus nye klimapolitikk: boksekampen har begynt!. Dagens næringsliv.  ISSN 0803-9372.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2013). Energibruk i bygg: hvordan sikre en god og samordnet nasjonal politikk?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Europeanization and Entrepreneurship: How Importers, Fashion Queens and Shrewd Lawyers Link Europe to National Policy-making.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Hva og hvem styrer norsk klimapolitikk? - industrien, byråkratene, politikerne eller EU?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Hvem påvirker norsk klimapolitikk? Byråkratene, industrien, eller EU?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Kortsiktig om sertifikater. Dagens næringsliv.  ISSN 0803-9372.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Politikerne og byråkratene deres.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Politikerne og byråkratene deres - hvilke makt har byråkratene over klimapolitikken?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Wettestad, Jørgen (2012). Industry and European Integration: Institutional Feedback Triumphing over National Economic Power?.
  • Aamodt, Solveig & Boasson, Elin Lerum (2008). 'Explaining change in the EU’s positions on procedural justice in global climate governance'.

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