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Why choose Technology, Innovation and Culture

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About TIK

The Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK) is an internationally leading research environment that addresses current issues related to innovation studies as well as science and technology studies (STS). We work towards interdisciplinary, innovative and relevant research that addresses societal challenges. 

TIK is an interdisciplinary research environment within science and technology studies (STS) and innovation studies. Both fields and their intersection represent major international communities that in various ways study the relationship between societies on the one hand and research, technology and innovation on the other.TIK is particularly active in trying to understand transitions like the "green shift" in energy, the emerging “bioeconomy” and wider industrial transformation, including in-depth studies in areas such as healthcare, renewable energy, waste and digitalisation, as well as collaborations with life sciences and humanities. 

Our PhD candidates

Our PhD candidates come from a variety of backgrounds and knowledge fields, and participate in established research networks at a national and international level. As a PhD candidate at TIK you will get experience from research within your own project, but also an understanding of how your research is relevant in society at large. While grounded in one of TIK’s research groups, TIK emphasizes interdisciplinary research skills that are needed in collaborative projects addressing societal challenges. 

Programme structure

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