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Why choose Psychology

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Established in 1909, The Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo is the oldest and largest research institute and educational institution of psychology in Norway.

About the programme

The doctoral degree programme will educate highly qualified researchers in psychology. The projects in the programme focus on various aspects of human behaviour and interaction, from clinical research questions via neuroscience to health and cultural psychology.

High-level and work-relevant competence

The programme will offer high-quality courses relevant to the individual projects. It is vital to provide training in methodology that is applicable to the various arenas in which PhD candidates can find employment at the end of their PhD studies.

The Department of Psychology has projects in collaboration with many research groups, both in Norway and internationally, such as Centre of Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition (LCBC), RITMO, Promenta, and NORMENT. As a PhD candidate at The Department of Psychology, the department will offer programmes of study of outstanding quality in psychology, and provide high-level, work-relevant competence for PhD candidates.

Programme structure

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