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Why choose Political Science

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Norway's leading community in Polical Science

As a PhD candidate at The Department of Political Science you will be part of the foremost academic community in political science in Norway, with leading researchers and experienced supervisors within the major disciplines in the field: international politics, comparative politics, political theory, and public policy and administration. Here you can find more information about the diverse research and project activity at the Department. The Department is in charge of several study programmes at the Bachelor and Master level, as well as offering continuing and further education courses. The extensive educational activity contributes to a vibrant academic community in addition to create great possibilities to gain relevant teaching experience.

PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science

The academic breadth of the Department allows our candidates to draw on and contribute to a specialized literature as well as to the political science in general. You will be part of a large, close-knit and active PhD community. The Department also provides arenas such as research seminars where our PhD candidates can gain experience in presenting and receiving feedback on their own research. 

Programme structure

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