Oslo Summer School in Social Sciences for PhD candidates

En gruppe med studenter

The Oslo Summer School of Social Sciences offers PhD online courses in the social science field such as Psychology, Economics, Political Science, Human Geography, Sociology, Social Anthropology and Research Methods. 

The Summer School gives you the opportunity to elevate your knowledge in research methods and social science in general. All our courses are online, you can stay right where you are and stil be able to learn more, do more and increase your professional network.

Build your academic community and connect with our internationally faculty, practitioners and PhD candidates from around the world.


Admitted students



Professor Fredrik Engelstad initiated the summer school in 1992 in order to further international contact among students and researchers working within comparative social science. From a relatively small summer session back in 1993, with 7 course modules offered and only about 55 PhD students participating, the Summer School during the last 10 years have had between 180 and 220 PhD students each year.

Foundation, History and Main Objectives