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EILIN shall promote active methods of student learning in the classroom and on digital platforms. You, the teacher, can come to EILIN for support to realize small and larger development projects. We work closely with all teaching units at the faculty to assist in sharing experiences, building proficiency and pedagogical development at the Faculty of Social Sciences. We also provide support for IT in education.

Our Goals

  • EILIN shall promote active learning forms for students and diverse forms of student evaluation through the use of digital tools in interaction with traditional/established teaching methods
  • Through EILIN the faculty will help develop teachers' digital skills and teaching proficiency through developing the digital infrastructure and through technical and pedagogical support.
  • EILIN will support teaching staff in realizing their teaching goals. SV's teaching staff will be well acquainted with digital tools, and the possibilities and limitations these have, in order to make conscious, qualified choices in the means that support and promote learning.

Strategic Areas

EILIN's main focus is to facilitate and stimulate more student-active forms of learning at the SV faculty, and affects several of the faculty's strategic areas:

  • Student active learning
  • Working life relevance and community contact
  • Continuing education
  • Sustainability
  • Interdisciplinarity

Focus areas 2022/23

Video as an educational tool in teaching

Objective: teachers will receive assistance to develop and produce video as a pedagogical tool in teaching.


  • Build expertise in EILIN in video pedagogy and production in collaboration with LINK and IT
  • Establish facilities for video production
  • Collaborate with LINK on larger video projects
  • Organize workshops on the educational use of video

Universal Design

Objective: remove barriers to universal design for faculty units and increase knowledge about and proficiency in universal design at the faculty.
We have received SK-ITU funding for this.


  • Expand EILIN user support service to also assist teaching staff with the universal design of teaching resources (Canvas, Power Point, websites etc.), including captioning of teaching videos.
  • Pilot full-scale universal design of 1-3 courses per semester in the project period (2022-2025).
  • We will collaborate with USIT on training, follow-up and evaluation of the test scheme with a universal design

Canvas and Inspera: from managing learning to supporting learning

Objective: teachers will be helped to develop Canvas and Inspera so that the platforms are better integrated into the learning design.


  • Set up a working group to look at the organization of Canvas proficiency at the faculty and faculty units.
  • Offer courses/guidance to employees as needed

Introduction to teaching for Ph.D. candidates

Aim: give the fellows security in their role and some tools for teaching from planning to implementation.


  • Pilot and evaluate courses autumn 2022
  • Developed in collaboration with LINK

Student assistants

Objective: offer specialist training for students who will teach/facilitate/assist in the teaching.


  • offer training and follow-up from autumn 2022
  • Collaborate with the units on the establishment and (further) development of student assistant schemes


In Teams you can ask questions about the use and planning of digital and hybrid teaching, get answers from experts and colleagues and search for the solutions to problems that others have previously experienced.

The Teams room is open to everyone at UiO with a login.