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Support for pedagogy and IT in social science education

EILIN promotes active learning for students at the faculty, in the classroom and on digital platforms. EILIN will assist you, the teacher, in your projects to develop your teaching. We work closely with all teaching units at the faculty and enable them in order to share experiences, build proficiency and pedagogical development at the Faculty of Social Sciences. We also provide support for IT in education.

Teaching support

EILIN supports you the teacher to develop your teaching experience. We can help you with digital tools, media production, applications for external funding of teaching projects, developing your teachng skills and more.

User Support

EILIN user support can be found in SV-Info and helps you with IT/AV equipment in teaching rooms and with digital tools in teaching.

Telephone: 22 85 48 14  (Mon-Fri  8am - 4pm). Mobile: 41 47 9402


EILIN's academic contacts

Six outstanding members of teaching staff make up the core of EILIN's academic network. The network was established in the Autumn of 2022 and to share their teaching experience and to develop pedagogy at the faculty across academic disciplines.

Courses and events

At SV faculty

today Dec.
9:00 AM, Georg Sverdrups hus, Blindern

At other units