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A resource for successful digital teaching

EILIN contributes to good digital teaching for social science disciplines at UiO. As the name implies, EILIN is first and foremost a network for lecturers who want to develop the teaching on their subjects and programs The service also offers support and skills development in IT, AV and pedagogy, and is a support resource for digital and pedagogical initiatives.


Chat with us in Teams on how to plan and use digital and hybrid tools for teaching, get asnwers to your questions from experts and colleagues and browse topics your colleagues have received help for. 

The Teams room is open for all UiO users.


User Support

Telephone: 22 85 48 14  (Mon-Fri  8am - 4pm)


Mobile: 41 47 94 02

Do you have question about teaching?

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Media Production (under construction)

  • We shall provide assistance in the planning, recording, editing and publication of audio and video content.
  • We are currently building our skills within video, podcast, conversion and visual media.
  • Media production will be available in the course of 2022.

Teaching Support

We operate SV's support for IT in teaching. In particular we support:

Digital teaching at UiO

How to conduct digital lecturesand seminars

Digital exams at UiO

How to plan for and conduct digital exams

Digital learning environment at UiO

How to prepare the digital learning environment