ARENA Tuesday seminar: Andrew Geddes (online)

Andrew Geddes presents the paper 'Repertoires of Migration Governance in the European Union' at the ARENA Tuesday seminar on 16 March 2021.


The European Commission published in September 2020 a New Pact on Migration and Asylum that seeks to establish an ostensibly new course for EU migration and asylum policy. To explore the causes, meaning and effects of this Pact, this presentation will assess the extent to which the approach that the Pact defines is consistent with established ‘repertoires’ of migration governance in the EU. The idea of a migration governance repertoire focuses on the organisational dimension of migration governance and on two key issues: (1) what elite actors (those who seek to make, shape or influence policy) know how to do; and, (2) what these actors think they should be doing. It is argued that this perspective helps identify patterns, continuities and discontinuities in EU migration governance from an organisational perspective in ways that emphasise cognitive and social aspects of organisational behaviour as well as the impact of social expectations about role.

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Please note that this paper is work in progress and thus has limited distribution, please contact us if you would like access. Do not cite without permission from the author.

Published Jan. 12, 2021 12:10 PM - Last modified Mar. 9, 2021 5:01 PM