Escaping the crisis

The financial crisis in the EU has pushed thousands of citizens to migrate in a bid to escape uncertainty, unemployment and poverty. Many pick Norway as their destination. What are their experiences? On 5 December ARENA invites to a public debate at the House of Literature to discuss findings from a research project on EU migrants in Norway.

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More and more Southern Europeans migrate to other European countries in order to escape the financial crisis. How do they experience moving to and living in Norway? What does it mean to be an EU citizen in times of crisis? How aware are labour migrants of their rights as EU citizens? Which policies and support networks are in place here in Norway to help them in this transition? And how are they received by the Norwegian state, media and civil society?

New research on EU migrants to Norway from ARENA’s project The European crisis and the citizens will be presented. The topic will be debated by a panel of journalists, researchers and representatives from civil society – all with close relations to and experience with the European crisis and its consequences.


10.00   Escaping the Eurocrisis: EU migrants in Norway
00:00   Asimina Michailidou and Espen D. H. Olsen, ARENA

10.15   Panel debate

00:00   Hege Moe Eriksen, journalist NRK and former Europe correspondent
00:00   Morten Stensberg, leader Caritas infocentre for immigrants in Oslo
00:00   Line Eldring, senior researcher Fafo

00:00   After short introductions, the floor will be opened for questions

00:00   Moderator: Cathrine Holst, ARENA

11.30   Light lunch

About the contributors

Hege Moe Eriksen is a journalist and former Europe correspondent of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), who has travelled across Europe reporting from crisis-struck countries

Line Eldring is senior researcher at Fafo, studying inter alia labour migration from Eastern Europe to the Nordic countries

Morten Stensberg is a theologian and leader of Caritas’ infocentre for labour migrants in Oslo

Practical information

The event is free and open to anyone, but please register for catering purposes.


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