Persons tagged with «Globalisation»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Sokolickova, Zdenka Guest researcher +4790405686 (mob) Overheating, Svalbard, Globalisation, Climate change
Bull, Benedicte Professor +47 22858902 Latin America, Globalisation, Governance, Brazil, Global South
Christensen, Peter Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +4531612817 (mob) +45 31612817 Environmental Anthropology, human- animal relations, Globalisation
Eriksen, Thomas Hylland Professor +47 22844128 +47 90050293 (mob) +47-90050293 Globalisation, Modernity, Culture, Identity, Norway, The Indian Ocean, Australia, Climate, Ethnicity, The Caribbean
Jakobsen, Jostein Researcher +47 22858805 +47 41473961 (mob) India, Food, Poverty, Asia, Governance, Political ecology, Development, Globalisation, Natural Resource Management
Kristoffersen, Henning Ph.d.-kandidat Economic anthropology, Political Economy, Globalisation, Social organisation, Social change, State, Gifts/commodities, reciprocity
Krohn-Hansen, Christian Professor +47 22855716 +47 93203383 (mob) power, nation and state, economic anthropology, globalisation, Carribean studies, The Dominican Republic
Locane, Jorge Joaquin Associate Professor +47 22840690 +47 48648296 (mob) Spanish, Latin American Literature, Spanish Literature, Literary Theory, Book History, Translation, China, Decolonial Theory, Cold War Studies, Comparative Literature, Poetry, Transnational Intellectual Networks, Global South, Globalisation, Glotopolitics, World literature
McNeill, Desmond Emeritus +47-22858991 95031848 Aid, Globalisation, Governance, Natural Resource Management, Africa, Asia, Research School, Global South
Poulimenakos, Giorgos +3069465666 (mob) +306946566696 Political Anthropology, Economic anthropology, Infrastructure, Globalisation, State, Violence
Støen, Mariel Cristina Professor +47 22858885 +47 91747049 (mob) Political ecology, Latin America, Governance, Globalisation, Energy and Climate, Global South, Research School
Thorleifsson, Cathrine Researcher 93094503 (mob) Political Anthropology, the Far Right, Nationalism, Identity and Ideology, Migration, Borders, Globalisation, Europe, Middle East, Israel
Tranøy, Bent Sofus Guest researcher +47 22 85 88 67 Political Economy, Globalisation, Financial management, Public policy, Europeanisation
Vindegg, Mikkel Senior Lecturer 95152486 Energy, Nepal, State, Labour, Infrastructure, Development, Climate and environment, Economic Anthropology, Consumption, Materiality, Globalisation