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Expert perspectives on global challenges: Hylland Eriksen on climate change

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  • Autumn 2022: Digital anthropology


Thomas Hylland Eriksen has for many years studied, and written about, identity politics, ethnicity, nationalism and globalisation from a comparative perspective. He has also published popular books, textbooks, polemical books and essays on a variety of topics.

Eriksen has carried out fieldwork in the Creole islands of the Indian Ocean, in the Caribbean, Australia and Norway.

From 2004 to 2010, Eriksen directed the UiO Strategic Research Programme CULCOM (Cultural Complexity in the New Norway). From 2010 to 2013, he directed ‘the Alna project’, an interdisciplinary project focusing on place and conditions for belonging in new suburb in eastern Oslo.

Eriksen's textbooks in social and cultural anthropology, especially What is Anthropology?, Small Places, Large Issues and Ethnicity and Nationalism, are being published in many languages, and are being read by students across the world. His Fredrik Barth: An Intellectual Biography was published in 2015.

In the period 2001–2011, Eriksen wrote a series of four books about unintended consequences of modernity. Tyranny of the Moment was published simultaneously in Norwegian and English; the others, dealing with identity, happiness and waste, hare not available in English.

Between 2012 and 2017, Eriksen directed the ERC funded research project Overheating: The Three Crises of Globalisation’. The first book from the project was Overheating: An anthropology of accelerated change (2016), followed by Boomtown: Runaway Globalisation on the Queensland Coast (2018) and several edited and co-edited volumes and special journal issues. Currently, Eriksen is writing about the consequences of globalisation for biological and cultural diversity.

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Tags: Globalisation, Modernity, Culture, Identity, Norway, The Indian Ocean, Australia, Climate, Ethnicity, The Caribbean
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