Renewable energy as transition strategy (RENERGI) (completed)

This project is about the role of innovation policy in creating multiple renewable energy technologies as the basis of a transition towards a low-emitting global economy.

About the project

Climate change is the biggest single issue facing the world at the present time. A major step in facing this issue is that there has to be a transition from an emission based system to a low-emitting system. Renewable energy technologies are likely to support new industries and export sectors in years ahead, across many countries. The main question of this project is: How can Norway participate in this process and benefit from it?




There is no systematic research in Norway on transition strategies from a society and economy based on high emissions of climate gases to low emission. In Europe, this is an emerging area of work closely related to technology and innovation studies.

Because Norway is a major energy producer, both in hydrocarbons and renewables, its challenges regarding energy policy are different from other European economies: transition strategies developed in other countries cannot simply be copied. We need a specific path of development adapted to Norway's particular economic and social situation, but framed by global developments.


  1. Building TIS (technological innovation system) for renewable energy - knowledge and markets
  2. The politics of renewable energy transitions: The different worlds of wind and bio-energy in Norway
  3. Innovation at the local and regional levels
  4. Policy Arena for transition strategy discussions


The Research Council of Norway (RCN)

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