Little Tools at EASST/4S 2020

The joint EASST/4S conference took place on 18-21 August - this year virtually.

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The focus of the conference was "Locating and Timing Matters: Significance and agency of STS in emerging worlds".

Little Tools PI Kristin Asdal co-organised the panel "What is the Worth of a Nature-paper when the Climate is in Crisis?" with Maximilian Fochler, Lisa Sigl, Ruth Falkenberg (University of Vienna), Thomas Franssen (Leiden University) and Sarah de Rijcke (CWTS). The panel asked how the climate crisis re-configures (the governance of) science, when eventually not only fields that address current environmental challenges, but all research communities, will be affected by it.

As part of a different panel (on choreographies, rythms and movements in research), Kristin Asdal and Béatrice Cointe (CNRS) presented their ongoing work on experiments in the social sciences. Their paper "Writing good economics: how texts 'on the move' perform the worlds and disciplines of experimental economics" asks how economic experiments produce economic facts, by tracing the written instructions that guide experimental subjects in the lab.


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