Little Tools workshop at Tøyen

On June 20-21, the Little Tools team gathered once again at Tøyen Hovedgård in Oslo to discuss works-in-progress and the road ahead.

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Photo: Kristin Asdal

The participants at the two-day workshop in Oslo were PI Kristin Asdal, postdocs Béatrice Cointe, Hilde Reinertsen and Tone Huse, and PhD candidates Bård Hobæk, Tommas Måløy and Silje Morsman. All participants presented their drafts-in-progress during the workshop, encouraging in-depth discussions on the many article and book drafts underway.

The workshop opened with commentary and conversation about Kristin and Hilde's first draft manuscript for a book on document analysis as method. The discussion then moved on to Kristin and Béatrice's paper on economic and marketing experiments as sites of production and co-modification. The team concluded the first day with discussions around Tommas and Silje's work on cod genomics and cod immunology research and the way forward.

The second day opened with a thorough commentary of Kristin and Tone's draft book manuscript on the cod's economic life, and closed with a discussion of Bård's PhD work on salmon farming and feeding in Norway. 


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