Little Tools at the 18th STS Conference Graz

On May 6-7, the 18th Annual STS Conference took place in Graz, Austria, with a focus on "Critical issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies". Professor Kristin Asdal and postdoc Béatrice Cointe represented the Little Tools Team.

Kristin Asdal co-organised a panel on "Valuing and knowing" with Maximilian Fochler, from the University of Vienna. With a total of 18 contributions, the panel was divided in four thematic sessions:

  • Valuation and epistemic practices
  • Valuation, impact and valorisation
  • Indicators and evaluative practices in academia
  • Valuing food, environment and health

The presentations by researchers hailing from all over Europe explored some of the many ways in which knowledge-making and valuation practices are enmeshed. They asked how ways of knowing and epistemic practices are shaped by valuations; investigated the relations  between research and its valorisation; enquired into the making and effects of indicators in academia; and finally explored tensions between different regimes of valuing with a focus on health, environment and food. 

As part of this panel, Kristin Asdal and Béatrice Cointe presented their ongoing work on "Writing Good Economics: paperwork as valuation work". In this paper, they followed written documents in experimental economics, asking how the written takes part in the production of economic facts and in the associated valuation practices. 

Published May 23, 2019 12:21 PM - Last modified Sep. 18, 2019 3:51 PM