New blog post: The power of writing a good note

Kristin Asdal and Marte Mangset have written a blog post for the website Sociology Lens. They present their work on the inner working of the State.

Earlier this year, Kristin Asdal and Marte Mangset published a paper on note writing in bureaucracy in the British Journal of Sociology. They have now published a short introduction to their research on the inner work of bureaucracy, the competence of bureaucrat and the ability to write good notes as a key attribute of the power of civil servants. You can read their post on Sociology Lens here.


The full article is titled "Bureaucratic power in note-writing: authoritative expertise within the State" and can be found here on the British Journal of Sociology website.

Published Dec. 12, 2018 6:38 PM - Last modified Dec. 12, 2018 6:38 PM