Visits from Max Fochler and Ask Greve Jørgensen

The Little Tools team was lucky to receive two visitors this fall.

In late September Assistant Professor Maximilian Fochler came from the University of Vienna for a short stay in Oslo. The Little Tools teams had a meeting with him in Tøyen on September 25. They discussed ongoing work on "the Good Economy" - a conceptual and analytical proposal to study the entanglements of values that make up prospective bioeconomies. Max Fochler also talked about his work on biological research and start-ups, and more specifically about interview methods and how they feed his research. The following day, Max Fochler gave a seminar on "Anticipatory uncertainty" as part of the Science Studies Colloquium series. Based on an article recently published with Lisa Sigl in Science as Culture, the talk explored the intertwinement of social and epistemic uncertainties in life science research, contrasting ways of addressing it at the individual and group levels in academia and in start-ups. 


The Little Tools team with Max Fochler in Tøyen
The Little Tools team with Max Fochler in Tøyen

Then, in early October, former project coordinator Ask Greve Jørgensen spent a week with the Little Tools team. He was visiting from Aalborg University in Copenhagen. He presented his current PhD research on city planning viewed from within the municipality of Copenhagen. Together with Bård Hobæk and Sylvia Lysgård, he also gave a talk as part of a discussion on "Problems and problematisations", which reflected upon how STS address and define "problems". 

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