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Kristin Asdal and Hilde Reinertsen comment on the political impact of a report on the future of Norwegian fish farming.

Facsimile from Morgenbladet 15. december 2017. Click here for a large version.

Morgenbladet, a Norwegian weekly newspaper have investigated the interaction between academia, science and politics and Norwegian fish farming, in several articles over the course of 2017. In an article featured in the most recent edition of Morgenladet, "Den fantastiske visjonen i norsk havbruk. Historien om et dokument." Asdal and Reinertsen comment on the political impact of the report "Verdiskaping basert på produktive hav i 2050" published by SINTEF in 2012.

The report estimates a six-fold growth in the Norwegian fish farming industry from 2010 to 2050, and the Morgenbladet article sheds a critical light on how the figures in the report went from being "scenarios" to "political goals". In the article Asdal and Reinertsen comment on how the report acheived its large political impact. The say that it is  "less transparent, more rethorical and action-oriented", compared to the Official Norwegian reports in which the government usually conducts its assessments.



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