Project workshop at Lysebu

The Little Tools team convened on Lysebu to discuss current projects and plan for the future.

From January 19th to January 20th, the Little Tools team convened to discuss each other's work. Project participants presented their work on the different sub-projects, and great plans have been made for the future. The participants were PI, Professor Kristin Asdal, Post docs Tone Huse and Hilde Reinertsen, PhD Candidate Bård Hobæk, Research Assistant Tommas Måløy and Coordinator Ask Greve Jørgensen.

The workshop featured presentations and discussions of work progress within the sub-projects of the overall research project, as well as cross-cutting discussions and planning ahead.

On Thursday, Tone Huse took us on a tour through the multiple sites in which 'The economic life of cod' is enacted, and Hilde Reinertsen presented her work on 'The Little Tools of Business Schools', charting the expansion of concepts and models from business strategy into the territory of policy documents. At the end of the day, we created an outline for an article on the different versions of the bioeconomy present at different levels of governance in Norway, Europe and the world.

On Friday, the main role was played by the whale, set on the stage of the Norwegian parliament in the late 19th century. The team read and discussed Kristin Asdal and Bård Hobæk's upcoming book, documenting the formation of parliamentary power through nature politics. Before concluding the workshop, the team discussed upcoming projects and themes, and mapped out the overall content of the Little Tools project.


Published Jan. 20, 2017 11:57 AM - Last modified Feb. 8, 2017 10:11 AM