Welcome to the workshop: Good economics in the good economy

The ERC Little Tools team is organising a workshop to explore relations across economics, economy and the bioeconomy. The event will start with an open programme from 09.00 to 15.00 on October 14.

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In recent years, the so-called bioeconomy has received a growing interest in both scholarship and policy. This up-and-coming new form of economy is envisioned to rely on biological resources, scientific knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to fuel sustained and sustainable growth.

This notion of the bioeconomy envisions a transition away from the fossil economy towards a green future. In doing so, this economy promises to be good and to do good – in short, to redefine its values. Yet the bioeconomy also causes new tensions to arise, for economic life and political action alike.

This workshop asks:

•What is the economics of the bioeconomy?
•What forms of knowledge production and valuation practices make up this new economy?
•What do the promises of a ”good economy” imply for economics as a discipline, as an expertise, and as a set of practices and devices?
•How does economics handle nature and the environment in new ways through practices of calculation and quantification?
•How does the economics discipline take part in defining and shaping this new good economy?

OPEN PROGRAMME: Welcome and keynotes

October 14, 9.00-15.00 | Tøyen Hovedgård, Oslo Botanical Gardens 

09.00 Kristin Asdal (TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, University of Oslo): The Good Economy: Welcome and Introduction

10.00 Eve Chiapello (Centre d’Etude des Mouvement Sociaux-Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales), author with Luc Boltanski of The New Spirit of Capitalism:  Finance as a response to global environmental crises?

11.30 Lunch (included - but please register)

13.00 Andrew Barry (University College London), author of Political Machines: Governing a technological society and Material Politics: Disputes along the pipeline: Capitalization and Transition

If you wish to attend, please register here by Friday, October 11, or by e-mail to beatrice.cointe@tik.uio.no.



14. October 15.00-21.00, 15. October 9.00-16.00 | Tøyen Hovedgård, Oslo Botanical Gardens

The public lectures will be followed by closed sessions with discussions of work-in-progress.

We have now closed the submission of paper proposals for the closed workshop sessions. For questions, please contact: kristin.asdal@tik.uio.no and beatrice.cointe@tik.uio.no.



This workshop is organized by Kristin Asdal and Béatrice Cointe, TIK, UiO.

The workshop is part of the ERC-StG project “Enacting the Good Economy: Biocapitalization and the Little Tools of Valuation”, led by Prof. Kristin Asdal.

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