Midway seminar: "Fish feed and efficient food"

Bård Hobæk gives his Midway doctoral seminar on the topic of "Fish feed and efficient food". 

Bård Hobæk

Photo: UiO

Project description

Over the last 20 years, the Norwegian salmon farming industry has roughly tripled its production volume. In the same period, the composition of feeds has been radically altered – instead of relying mostly on fishmeal and fish oil from reduction fisheries it now consists predominantly of plant materials, such as soy. My project investigates how this change has come about, and how it plays into the terms of debate in environmental controversies around the industry today. How does feed composition affect political goals, environmental regulations or criteria for judging sustainability? The project combines a historical take with a contemporary investigation, and aims to take salmon feed as a point of departure for wider discussions of the politics of sustainability, food production and natural resources.

Thesis supervisor

  • Kristin Asdal (TIK)


  • Tone Druglitrø (TIK)
  • Susanne Bauer (TIK)


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