GreenFleet - Greening the Fleet - Sustainability Transitions in the Maritime Shipping Sector (completed)

Industrial ship in Stavanger port. Image:

About the project

GREENFLEET aims to analyse the opportunities and challenges associated with a transition from fossil-based fuels to low- or zero-carbon technologies. With a 'technological innovation systems' perspective at its core, GREENFLEET will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of three focal low- or zero-carbon energy technologies, as well as hybrids of these and conventional energy solutions. The three energy technologies in question are:

  • battery-electric
  • biofuels
  • hydrogen

GREENFLEET aims to illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of novel 'green technologies' that can contribute to emission reductions in the Norwegian maritime shipping sector.

Project description

Dowload short project description (pdf).


GREENFLEET is an external project administrated by SINTEF. Additional research partners are TIK (UiO), NTNU Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, Lund University and Chalmers University.

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