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Frauke Rohden, PhD candidate at TIK and part of the OSIRIS team, is in the final stages of her PhD work. In her thesis she looks at the role of informal science-oriented online activities for the diffusion, understanding, and use of scientific knowledge. We decided to ask Frauke some questions about her project.

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Lars Wenaas is the first Osiris PhD candidate to submit his doctoral thesis. The thesis looks at the effects of open access. The public defense will take place at the University of Oslo on 11 November 2022.

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Earlier this year, Osiris had the pleasure to welcome postodoctor Knut Jørgen Vie to the team.

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Osiris is happy to welcome two new members to the team: Mayra Morales Tirado from University of Manchester and Gemma Derrick from University of Bristol.

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How does science make its way from academic research into society? There is agreement that the connection between science and society is not a linear or simple process. This blog post presents six perspectives on the complexity, long timespans and many different actors involved in scientific impact processes.

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From June 1-3 2022, the Osiris team attended the yearly Eu-SPRI conference. This year’s theme was “Challenging Science and Innovation Policy” and the aim was to explore future directions for studies of Policies for Research and Innovation with a special emphasis on the topics of Digitization, Open Science and Futuring.

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After more than two years of zoom meetings, the Osiris consortium finally met physically again for a two-day meeting in Valencia, Spain. The meeting was hosted by Osiris partner INGENIO and took place at their offices at Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación.

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Processing grant applications and assigning them to an appropriate group of experts for evaluation, is one of the challenges of the Research Council of Norway (RCN). At a recent OSIRIS meeting, representatives of the RCN gave insights into their use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for optimizing case handling.