New in Osiris: Knut Jørgen Vie

Earlier this year, Osiris had the pleasure to welcome postodoctor Knut Jørgen Vie to the team.

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Knut Jørgen Vie

Knut Jørgen has a PhD from the Work Research Institute (AFI) at OsloMet. He wrote his thesis about research integrity and ethics, and how we can create systems that help researchers live up to their commitments.

The focus of his postdoc will be research ethics and integrity challenges that emerge in high impact research. In order to have a positive impact, research must be true, trustworthy, safe, and just. Since this is what research ethics and integrity seeks to promote, these fields study the conditions for research having a positive impact. In high-impact research, some issues are more prevalent and salient than in other forms of research, such as an increased risk of undue influence from external actors and issues regarding the just distribution of the goods research produces. Studying research ethics and integrity issues in relation to impact is both important and an opportunity to learn more about how researchers deal with ethical dilemmas.

The overarching research question for the postdoc project is how can researchers maintain the trustworthiness and truthfulness of their work while striving towards increase impact on society through closer integration with it?

Published Oct. 5, 2022 1:39 PM - Last modified Oct. 5, 2022 1:39 PM