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Phone +47 22841652
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 31 Eilert Sundts hus blokk B 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1108 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Current project

I have been postdoctoral fellow and currently project coordinator at the Little Tools Project, which studies the science, politics, and markets of fisheries and aquaculture in Norway and the EU, both historically and today. The project is hosted by TIK and financed by the European Research Council (ERC).

Our case in point is the Atlantic cod: A species of great importance in Norwegian history and contemporary economy, yet also a reluctant participant in the ongoing innovation initiatives of the expanding aquaculture industry -- compared to the salmon, the cod continues to be a difficult fish to farm. My contribution to this study is analyses of Norwegian and EU policy schemes that seek to realise large-scale visions of the so-called 'blue economy' and the 'bioeconomy'.

A key part of this research on policy initiatives is interdisciplinary document analysis, in which we combine historical, rhetorical, and sociological methods with the approaches developed within STS (Science and Technology Studies). I have co-written a textbook on this topic with Kristin Asdal, published in Norwegian fall 2020 and forthcoming in English: Doing Document Analysis: A Practice-Oriented Method (Cappelen Damm 2020, under contract with SAGE for the academic year 2021-22). For a quick introduction to the book's approach, watch this short video or the two-part lecture below.


Academic interests

I am interested in the relationship between knowledge and politics, and how different forms of knoledge production shapes politics and society at large. I have investigated topics within political history, the history of science, environmental history, development studies, energy, aquaculture, petroleum, evaluation and audit.

During 2021-2024, I will be the principal investigator of a research project based in by PhD project about evaluation and audit reports, and how these are written, read and discussed in society: «Evaluation Optics of the Nation State: The Past, Present and Future of Public Documentation» (EVALUNATION) is financed by the Research Council of Norway under the funding scheme FRIPRO - Young Research Talents Follow this link to an abridged project description.

My doctoral research concerned the evaluation of foreign aid, specifically how this emerged as a distinct field of expertise through a combination of social science, public accountability, development policy, and aid administration. In my thesis, I analyzed how evaluation was institutionalized within Norwegian foreign aid during 1980-1992, with special attention to how the specific methods, routines, and systems contributed to transform the field of aid at large. A key question in the dissertation is how these different methods made it possible to see the results of aid. The analysis focused upon Norwegian petroleum-related aid projects, and the challenges of evaluating the effect of transferring expertise from Norway to developing countries. The dissertation is theoretically and methodologically positioned within the interdisciplinary field of Science and Technology Studies (STS).


TIK 4001: Technology, Innovation and Knowledge (Part 4: Introduction to Science and Technology Studies)

TIK 4011: Science and Technology in Politics and Society (Part 2: The Good Economy)

TIK 4040: Research and Design Seminar

HGO 4010: Qualitative Method (Document Analysis: video lecture part 1 and part 2)


Tags: Aquaculture, Bioeconomy, Public Sector Management, Policy Studies, Montoring and Evaluation, Foreign Aid, History, Science and Technology Studies, Document Analysis.


Kristin Asdal & Hilde Reinertsen 2020. Hvordan gjøre dokumentanalyse. En praksisorientert metode. Oslo: Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Kristin Asdal, Béatrice Cointe, Bård Hobæk, Tone Huse, Silje Morsman, Tommas Måløy and Hilde Reinertsen 2019. "The Good Economy: Re-casting the bioeconomy, its normativities and its trouble." The Good Economy Working Paper Series, no. 3/2019.

Reinertsen, Hilde & Kristin Asdal 2019. Calculating the blue economy: producing trust in numbers with business tools and reflexive objectivity, in Journal of Cultural Economy, July 2019, pp. 1-19.

Reinertsen, Hilde 2018. "Aldri nok rapporter? Om evalueringens optikk og bistandens resultater", i Kristian Bjørkdahl (red.), Rapporten: Sjanger og styringsverktøy. Pax Forlag, s. 60-87.

Reinertsen, Hilde & Kristin Asdal 2018. "Ikke lenger uberegnelig og uregjerlig? Visjoner om et kalkulerbart, produktivt og bærekraftig hav i politiske dokumenter", Arr. Idéhistorisk tidsskrift, nr. 3-4, s. 3-17. 

Reinertsen, Hilde, Kristian Bjørkdahl & Desmond McNeill 2017. Confronting the contradiction – an exploration into the dual purpose of accountability and learning in aid evaluation. EBA Report Series 6/2017. Stockholm: Swedish Expert Group on Aid Studies.

Reinertsen, Hilde 2016. Optics of Evaluation: Making Norwegian Foreign Aid an Evaluable Object, 1980-1992. PhD dissertation. Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo.

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